Have a Healthy Holiday Season


Have a Healthy Holiday Season

The holidays are a great time to celebrate with family and friends. There are plenty of big meals, traditional desserts, and holiday parties to enjoy this time of year, but remember: too much celebrating can take a toll on your health—especially if you’re not scheduling in enough down time. We’ve put together a few tips to help you stay healthy during this holiday season.

Eat close to your usual times to keep your blood sugar steady. You can also swap that pecan pie with pumpkin pie. Even when you add a dollop of whipped cream on top, you’ll cut calories and sugar by at least a third.  Invited to a party? Offer to bring a healthy dish along.  You can also control your portions by eating slowly and really enjoying your holiday treats.

Staying up to see Santa this year?  Think twice before doing so.  According to the CDC, loosing sleep can make it more difficult to control blood sugar.  Make sure you are getting in 6 to 7 hours of sleep each night.

You’re busy this time of year, so finding time to hit the gym may not be easy. If you can’t get to your favorite workout machine or group exercise class, find ways to incorporate exercise into your day like walking the mall.  Another hack is to park far away from the store entrance.  You may also want to try breaking up physical activity into smaller chunks so it fits into your schedule, like walking 10 minutes several times a day.

Need ideas?  Check out these other healthy holiday tips. For more information and many other nutritional services consult one the registered dietitians at Our Lady of the Angels hospital.