Laparoscopy - Less Invasive Surgery


Our Lady of the Angels provides healthcare with skill and compassion. And part of that is providing you with the best available technology to get you healthier faster so you can get back to being you. To get the best results possible, we’ve invested in the 1588 AIM Platform by Stryk

er, a connected surgical video system to be used in our minimally invasive surgical suites and designed to reduce risk to our patients by helping our surgeons see and safeguard critical anatomy.


The 1588 AIM is the first minimally invasive video system to seamlessly integrate five unique advanced imaging modalities for use across six surgical specialties: laparoscopy, arthroscopy, urology, gynecology, ear/nose/throat, and gastrointestinal surgery. We’re focusing first on laparoscopy and how it benefits you as a patient.


In laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon makes a small incision, often in the patient’s belly button, and inserts a miniature camera (laparoscope) into the abdomen. Other small incisions are made so instruments can be inserted and used during the procedure. But a laparoscope may be used in many other surgeries including weight loss surgery, gynecological surgery, or hernia repair, just to name a few.


Benefits of Laparoscopic Surgery


Smaller incisions. With smaller incisions comes smaller openings and less risk of infection. Because the less exposure to bacteria you have, the better off you will be.


Smaller scars. Because the incisions are smaller, the scars are less painful and heal faster than larger scars. And smaller scars mean fewer complications post-surgery than with larger incisions.


Shorter stays. Large surgical incisions mean longer stays in the hospital. Because laparoscopic surgery scars are smaller, there is less trauma to the body and recovery time is much less. This means the body bounces back much faster and you can get back to your daily routine.


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