Emergency Department

Our Lady of the Angels Hospital Emergency Department is staffed 24/7 with highly trained professionals who specialize in emergency medicine. 

Our all-new Emergency Department features:

  • An advanced trauma bay
  • A dedicated decontamination area
  • All-new medical equipment featuring the latest technological advancements
  • A waiting area four-times larger than the previous space
  • A complete remodel of the existing Emergency Department space
  • 16 beds with all private rooms 

Before Coming to the Emergency Department

Before you leave to come to the emergency room, be sure to bring a list of all medications you are taking, a list of any chronic conditions you may have, operations you have had and any allergies you have. It is also helpful to the medical care team if you can provide a copy of recent lab or test results. Providing such information may help to reduce both the cost and waiting time associated with your emergency room visit.